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Andrea is a woman who is passionate about travel (and parrots).  For the past few years, she's been on a mission to teach people to live a fulfilled, fun, happy lifestyle while showing them how to become financially FREE so as to get out of the "rat race."  She has become an entrepreneur mentor to men and women around the globe, helping them start and grow businesses that create extraordinary lives.  She's been noted in "Success From Home" and "Voyager" magazines.


Andrea along with her husband John live a life of working hard but knowing how to have fun at the same time. They are hard to keep up with, always doing something fun! Being focused on her commitment to a loving marriage, a dedication to her four parrots, and her vitality and zest for life, Andrea is a great role model for what can and is possible.

Andrea and John travel often, but have learned to do it at wholesale or free, and you can, too! They have learned the secret to learning how not just to exist ... but to LIVE!

Everyone has to die ... but have you LIVED!

Spend some time with Andrea to learn how you, too, can change your life by finding the fun formula and taking the action necessary to achieve it.  Personal InterestsAndrea loves trying new things and living life to its fullest. Some of her favorites are: parrots, animals, pets, travel, gadgets, HTC EVO, Personal Development, reading, Sony Reader, laptops, Pro Sporting Events, travel, travel, and travel.

For as long as she can remember, her motto in life has always been: Life's short, play hard! She loves to live life to the fullest. She's done so much, traveled so much, but still has so much more she wants to see and do! She has a long bucket list!

Most of all, Andrea is grateful to have her husband John as her best friend to do it all with. 

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So Glad You Found Us!

Hello!   We are John & Andrea Walen, the "Vacation King & Queen," and you probably found this website online ... or maybe one of us told you to come here ... or maybe a friend told you to come here and read our amazing story so you could learn more about us and how we're helping people around the globe build a sizable residual income while working from home on a part-time basis with their own businesses.  Our mission is to "teach people to TRULY LIVE before they die!"

Andrea has been working in business management since her teenage years, and was always looking for ways to earn extra money.  John has been a physical education teacher and sports statistician for numerous years, helping many children and young adults.  While working as an office manager, thankfully Andrea's boss -- both a doctor and successful businessman -- introduced us to a travel club that offers its members over 50 vacations a year (now over 5000+) all over the world at amazing, wholesale prices -- simply because they buy in bulk.  (It's like the Costco of travel!)   So we started taking all these wholesale vacations!   In fact, we took five vacations in the first five months of business (yup, we, too were skeptical -- we had to see if these vacations were REAL ... HECK YEAH, THEY ARE!!!)!

So ... people just kept asking us and asking us, "How are you doing that?"  "How did you take a cruise at that crazy price?"  "How did you take an all-inclusive in Cancun at that crazy price?"   So we very simply started showing our friends and family and acquaintances a 15-minute DVD or online movie about our vacation club and our business grew ...FAST!   We soon realized the power of this easy concept and thankfully -- it's what we've been looking for our entire lives!  Wow, we can truly VACATION FOR LIVING!!!!!  Say what?

If YOU are the kind of person who would REALLY like to take control of your financial future, to get off the hamster wheel you might be on, to get released from the bondage of debt, to get out of the rate race, and travel the world with a bunch of your friends, then this program is probably what you’ve been looking for, too.  We are looking for some SERIOUS people to help set free!  Or ... even if you simply want to travel the world at prices you can't get anywhere else, get in touch with us QUICK!

If you want to see how this program can work for you, start by watching buttton #2 on "join our team" tab on the top of this site (or go to www.TravelAndFreedom.com).   Then just click on some of our “Facebook photos" and "Flickr photos" to see what some of these vacations look like and all the fun YOU and your family could be having, too -- creating PRICELESS memories!   In just a few years, to date, we went from working two jobs each to taking 128 (as of September 2017) vacations (almost all paid for with Travel Dollars, Rovia Bucks, and Rewards Points -- almost nothing out of pocket!) in the last 8 years (through July 2017) (and counting), earning THREE residual incomes, earning THREE car/lifestyle bonuses, having hundreds of new friends, and having more fun than we EVER imagined possible!   Our only dream now is that EVERYBODY would catch this vision and join them!  But sadly, some people think we're actors :-(

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us at the CONTACT link above.  We want everybody living this amazing lifestyle.  This is not for the CHOSEN few ... it's for the few who CHOOSE!

In a few minutes, we can show you how this can all come together for you.  Contact us to take a good look at what we are doing … it CAN change your life, too!   See you on a beach!

Your new friends ... John & Andrea Walen, The Vacation King & Queen!

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